Prayer is like Sample Carpet (part 2)

In the last post I suggested that like a sample piece of carpet is not the whole of your carpet but has aspects (colour, pattern, components) of the whole, prayer is the Christian life in miniature.

Think about the similarities between prayer and the rest of the Christian life as I lay out here where we’ve been in our recent sermon series so far.

1) The heart and secret of Christian prayer is knowing God as Father because you’ve been forgiven and made a child. We were by nature children of God’s anger, but because the Son of God, Jesus, died to bear our sin, we are traded places with. The son of God bears the anger, we become sons and daughter, children of God (John 1:12).  This is why our prayers work, this is why he listens, this is why we pray not to get acceptance, but rather, we pray because we have it.

And this is the heart of the Christian life as well isn’t it?! We who were dead in our sins have been made alive, forgiven, accepted and so now loved children of God our father

Prayer is like the Christian life as we approach God as Father and are sure of his goodness toward us only ever because of our Lord Jesus’ death on our behalf.

2) Again, we see that prayer is the Christian life in mini as we see that the reason we pray is to both walk humbly with God sharing our hearts and our lives day by day with him. The Christian life is not only about being forgiven but living a new life of communion with God. That is, in day to day relationship with him.

Prayer is like the Christian life as we live in day to day, moment to moment communion with him.

3) Part of our new life after forgiveness is to see God’s will in the world and to take part, to offer ourselves to his purposes and live for the Kingdom. Prayer is perhaps the most basic way that we do this, God has ordered things so that he likes to  work in accordance with his people’s prayers. When he goes to act, he does so because his people have prayed for him to do his will and for his kingdom to come.

Prayer is like the Christian life’s because in both we take part in God’s work.




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